Massimiliano Cristofanilli, PhD

Research Scientist

“When a patient is doing better and you contribute to that, it speaks for itself.” - Dr. Massimiliano Cristofanilli, Research Scientist.

The biological basis of progressive MS, both secondary (SPMS) and primary (PPMS) is poorly understood, making these...

Violaine K. Harris, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

“As a scientist, having such a close connection with patients and their stories is highly motivation. It also allows us to think outside the box, and focus our researcher on topics that will really make a difference.” - Dr. Violaine K. Harris, Senior Research...

Fozia Mir, PhD

Assistant Research Scientist

“To me the best part of working at the Tisch MS research center is the close association with the clinic. This unique interaction and the access to clinical samples, defines our research approach and its relevance to MS.” - Dr. Fozia Mir, Assistant Research...

Jerry Lin, BA

Senior Staff Associate

“Trying to find the cause [of multiple sclerosis] can only be done in an environment like this.” Jerry Lin, Senior Staff Associate

Jerry Lin has collaborated with Dr. Sadiq since 1996, where he worked as a research assistant at Columbia University...

Tamara Vyshkina, PhD

Research Associate

Dr. Vyshkina currently works in Dr. Harris’ team studying therapeutic use of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell-derived neural progenitors (MSC-NPs) as a strategy for repair and regeneration in MS. Dr. Vyshkina has developed cell culture and quality control procedures for the...

Jamie Wong, PhD

Research Associate

“The close proximity to the clinic is the most unique aspect of the Center. I have never seen any other research center where researchers have such a regular interaction with the clinicians and easy access to the patient samples.” - Dr. Jamie Wong, Research...