A Letter From Dr. Sadiq


Tisch MS Research Center of New York Invests $4 Million to Jump Start Phase II of the Stem Cell Clinical Trial for MS


A Letter from Dr. Saud A. Sadiq:

December 14th, 2016

Dear Patients, Friends & Supporters, It gives me great pride and joy to announce that the Tisch MS Research Center of New York has received a financial boost enabling construction to commence on the largest stem cell research facility dedicated to multiple sclerosis. The build-out of our state-of-the-art laboratory will enable Phase II of Tisch MSRCNY’s stem cell clinical trial for MS to proceed in 2018.

The new laboratory and treatment center will be the only one of its kind dedicated to researching the use of stem cells to regenerate new myelin in MS patients. It will support the growth of more than 20 billion adult stem cells and allow 50 patients to participate in our double-blind, three-year trial. Phase II could establish efficacy of stem cells as a reparative therapy.

The Tisch MS Research Center is unique in many ways, especially when it comes to the generosity of our donors. Their unwavering support over the years is truly responsible for the construction of our new stem cell lab and ultimately will leave a legacy in the form of regenerative medicine, offering hope that a Future Without MS is possible. It is with the deepest gratitude that I thank Gaye and James Pigott, Town Fair Tire Foundation, and Nancy and Alan Schwartz for their exceptional support of this endeavor. Together, these three donors have enabled Tisch MS to set aside $4 million for the sole purpose of accomplishing this build-out and initiating our trial.

As we embark on this project, Dr. Violaine K. Harris, myself, and the entire stem cell research team remain dedicated to investigating the use of regenerative medicine to repair the damage caused by MS. As 2016 comes to a close, we are excited to submit the results of our successful Phase I trial for publication. We have no doubt that with your continued support for Phase II and the inspiration provided by our incredible patients, we will continue to succeed. Our goal is to establish a treatment that will reverse disability. Today, together, we take one step closer to reaching that goal.


Warmest regards,

Saud A. Sadiq, MD, FAAN

Dr. Saud A. Sadiq & Dr. Violaine Harris


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